How to survive as a dad in the Music Industry

So many of my friends and acquaintances in the music industry will confirm the challenging position of being a parent and a full time artist at the same time.


IMG_1741They seem like an oxymoron. Fatherhood and an artist career. I can contribute to the notion. It wasn’t until I lost my first marriage and contact with my children that my musical career took off. Why that was the case can be manyfold. More time on my hands, less distractions, the opportunity to take up any incoming possibility at will, any tome of the day and week, was a great contributions to my success. Although be it smaller in the larger picture of things.


And I say that because 20 years later one can ask the question: “was it worth it”.

The simple  answer would be no. Or yes.


Ben passionate open mic 2

No because I will admit that I seriously lost all contact with them and as we speak (I write and you read) I DO NOT have any contact with my two older children, now 20 and 18. That is one of the big pains in my life at this present moment.


Yes, because I simply would not be where I am today without that experience.


It is therefore not a simple matter of yes vs no. It is complex. And we want it all, don’t we? We want relationship(s), we want that career. So here we are, how do we make it all work.


In this blog I will explore that topic from all sides I can think of.